Party branch of Anhui Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. carried out centralized publicity of party history learning and education

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In order to enhance the political and ideological awareness of all Party members and improve the party spirit, style and discipline of Party members, Anhui Xinyuan science and technology Party branch insisted on taking the study and education of party history as a major event in the party's political life, so as to achieve high standard start, high-intensity promotion and high-quality implementation. On the morning of May 19, the Party branch invited Huizhou District to "raise the banner and send theory" Party history learning and education teacher Hu Jingming, member of the party history expert propaganda group, came to our sub branch to hold a special education propaganda meeting on party history learning.


With the title of Yan'an rectification movement and Party building in the new era, Mr. Hu Jingming starts with the historical background, stage process and valuable experience during the Yan'an rectification movement of the Communist Party of China, and finally sublimates to the Enlightenment of Yan'an rectification movement to Party building in the new era.


Mr. Hu earnestly stressed the importance of carrying out the study and education of party history and the cultivation of party spirit, interpreted the glorious course and historical contribution of the Yan'an rectification movement within the scope of the whole party from a strategically advantageous position, and expounded the positive and practical significance of the three excellent styles of our party formed during the Yan'an Rectification Movement: integrating theory with practice, closely contacting the masses, criticism and self-criticism, It is a high-quality publicity and learning activity of party history education.


At the end of the publicity, the company's Party branch secretary Gao Feng requested that all Party members take this publicity activity as an opportunity, must put ideological construction in the first place and constantly improve the ideological cultivation of Party members. Further pay close attention to the study and education of party history, adhere to the principle of learning history, increase trust in learning history, respect morality and practice in learning history, and truly learn party history, understand ideas, do practical things and open up a new situation; Integrate the party's fine style of integrating theory with practice, close contact with the masses, criticism and self-criticism learned today into work practice, and strive to promote the high-quality development of the company.


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