The Party branch of Anhui Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. held a celebration meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

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On June 12, Anhui Xinyuan Party branch ushered in a party member activity day of special significance on the eve of July 1. It is happy to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Xinyuan Party branch held a party founding celebration meeting, which is of extraordinary significance.

1、 Secretary Gao Feng's party class

The birth of the Communist Party of China

From the summer of 1920 to the spring of 1921, with the wide spread of Marxism in China and the vigorous rise of the Chinese workers' movement, the early organizations of the Communist Party of China, as a combination of the two, were successively established in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha, Jinan, Guangzhou and among students studying in Japan and Europe. The conditions for the establishment of the party are basically mature, The convening of the National Congress was also brewing among the backbone of Party building.

On June 3, Marin, the representative of the Comintern, came to Shanghai via Europe to meet nikorsky, another international representative from Siberia. They soon got in touch with Li Da and Li Hanjun, who presided over the work of Party organizations in Shanghai during Chen Duxiu's departure from Shanghai, and exchanged information. The representative of Comintern suggested that the Party Congress be held as soon as possible to announce the formal establishment of the Communist Party of China.

After consulting Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao and obtaining their consent, Li Da and Li Hanjun wrote to local Party organizations respectively, asking each region to send two representatives to Shanghai to attend the party's National Congress.

In mid and late July, the Bowen women's school, located at No. 389 Baier Road (now No. 127 Taicang Road) in the French concession, successively accommodated a group of young people like teachers and students, who came to Shanghai to attend this historic gathering in the name of the summer delegation of teachers and students of Peking University. After the delegates arrived, they held a preparatory meeting at their residence.

On the evening of July 23, the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China officially opened at No. 106 Wangzhi Road (now No. 76 Xingye Road) in the French concession of Shanghai. The venue is located in the residence of Li Shucheng and Li Hanjun brothers. Everyone sits around the long dining table in the living room. There is no special layout in the room. The furnishings are simple and the atmosphere is solemn. Li Hanjun and Li Da from Shanghai were present; Zhang Guotao and Liu Renjing from Beijing; Mao Zedong and he Shuheng in Changsha; Dong Biwu and Chen Tanqiu from Wuhan; Wang Jinmei and Deng Enming of Jinan; Chen Gongbo of Guangzhou; Zhou Fohai, a student studying in Japan, and Bao huiseng appointed by Chen Duxiu. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao did not attend the meeting because of their official duties. In the eyes of the delegates, they are still the main founders and leaders of the party.

Two representatives of the Comintern attended the opening meeting and delivered warm speeches. Marin first pointed out that the establishment of the Communist Party of China has great world significance. The third international has added an oriental branch, and the Soviet Bolsheviks have another close comrade in arms. He put forward suggestions and hopes to the Communist Party of China. Nikorsky introduced the situation of the Far East Bureau of the Comintern and asked the CPC to report the work process to the Far East Bureau in time.

Then, the delegates discussed the tasks and topics of the meeting, and unanimously decided that local representatives should first report on local work, then discuss and adopt the party's program and future work plan, and finally elect the central leading body.

The second meeting was held on July 24. Local representatives reported on the status and work process of Party and League organizations in the region, and exchanged experiences. The meeting was adjourned on the 25th and 26th to draft the party's program and future work plan. Three meetings were held on the 27th, 28th and 29th to focus on the previously drafted programs and resolutions. The discussion was serious and enthusiastic. Everyone expressed their views. They had a unified understanding and caused disputes on some issues. No decision was made at the meeting.

On the evening of July 30, the first National Congress held its sixth meeting. The original topic was to elect the central organ through the party's program and resolution. In the first few minutes of the meeting, the French Concession patrol house spies suddenly broke in, and the meeting was forced to be interrupted.

At the beginning of the sixth meeting of the first National Congress, it was invaded by the patrol house in the French concession. The first one who broke into the meeting place was Cheng Ziqing. He was Huang Jinrong's brother. He used this relationship to enter the patrol room and served as a Chinese detective. Originally, Marin came to China from Moscow via Europe and was arrested by the police in Vienna. Although he was rescued and released, his actions have been closely monitored as "red elements". Marin, who has rich experience in secret work, vigilantly said that this person must be "asking". He suggested that the meeting be stopped immediately and everyone leave separately.

Sure enough, more than ten minutes later, two police cars surrounded a large meeting site. The French police officer personally took people into the room to inquire and search. He didn't find much evidence. He withdrew after threatening a warning. Although the impact did not bring significant losses, after all, a major can no longer be carried out at the original site. One of the transferred representatives focused on Li Da's apartment that night. Everyone agreed that the meeting could not be held in Shanghai. Some proposed to hold a meeting in Hangzhou, while others suggested that Hangzhou was too prosperous and easy to expose the target. Wang Huiwu, Mrs. Li Da, who was present at that time, said: it's better to have a meeting in Nanhu, Jiaxing, my hometown. It's very close to Shanghai and easy to hide. Everyone agrees and thinks this arrangement is very appropriate.

The next morning, the delegates went to Jiaxing by train in two batches. The goals of the two international representatives were too big. Li Hanjun and Chen Gongbo did not go to Jiaxing because of a false alarm. At about 10:00, the delegates arrived at Jiaxing station one after another. After a short rest at Yuanhu Hotel, they boarded the rented Nanhu boat.

It was a cloudy day, with a drizzle, and the tourists gradually left. The beautiful South Lake looked particularly quiet and elegant. At about 11 o'clock, a big meeting began on the slowly rowing boat.

The Nanhu conference continued the topics that could not be carried out in Shanghai on the 30th. First, it discussed and adopted the first program of the Communist Party of China, a short program of 15 treaties and 700 words, which determined the party's name, objectives, basic policies, proposed organizational systems such as recruiting party members and establishing local and central institutions. It has both the content of the party program and the party constitution. It is the party's first official document.

Then the first resolution of the Communist Party of China was discussed and adopted to make arrangements and arrangements for the party's work in the future. In view of the party's weak strength, it decided to focus on establishing trade union organizations, guiding the workers' movement and doing a good job in publicity. It also called for maintaining an independent policy in relations with other political parties and emphasizing the establishment of close relations with the third international.

At 5 p.m., the weather cleared up and a motorboat on the lake sped towards the boat. Everyone was alert because of their experience in Shanghai. They immediately hid the documents, put mahjong cards on the table and dressed up as tourists. Later, we were relieved to learn that this was the private yacht of the local gentry, and the meeting continued.

Finally, a major election of the central leading body, the delegates believe that at present, the number of Party members is small and the local organization is not perfect. The Central Committee will not be established for the time being. First, a three member Central Bureau will be established, and Chen Duxiu will be elected as secretary, Zhang Guotao as organization director and Li Da as publicity director. The first central organ of the party came into being. The conference ended with the voices of "long live the third international" and "long live the Communist Party of China".

The convening of the first National Congress marked the official establishment of the Communist Party of China, like a red sun rising in the East, illuminating the future of the Chinese revolution. This is the objective requirement of social progress and revolutionary development in modern China, and it is an epoch-making event. Since the Communist Party of China, the face of the Chinese revolution has taken on a new look.

Through this study, all Party members have a profound understanding of the party's history and strengthened their belief in socialism.

2、 Party member political birthday

Wang Yunhao, LV Xueping, Wu Guangsheng, Hong Xiaying, Xie Mingliang, Fang Xiaoming, Feng Zhicheng, Wu Yunfeng, Hong Jianfeng and other nine party members and comrades celebrated their political birthday of joining the party this month. At the meeting, deputy secretary Hong Zhenghe led them to review the oath of joining the party. Send "political birthday" blessing cakes and greeting cards to Party members, and give party history books. Party members and comrades who celebrate political birthdays share their original intention of joining the party. Everyone encourages them one by one, encourages them to play the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members in their respective jobs, and take practical actions to present a gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

3、 Activity deployment

Focusing on "remembering the party's history, remembering the party's kindness, strengthening the party spirit, promoting party construction, eliminating Party discipline and rectifying the party's style", innovating learning methods, enriching practice carriers, guiding party members to enhance their love for the party, fulfill their responsibilities and carry forward the spirit of revolutionary collectivism, it is decided to organize all Party members to enter the Nanhu revolutionary memorial hall in Jiaxing, the site of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China from June 19 to June 20, Jiaxing Nanhu revolutionary red boat carried out the study and education of party history.

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