Safety production training in high temperature season

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  From 6pm to 9pm on July 18, 2019, Our company's system consultant and safety expert Mr. Zhang Jie conducted a training on "safe production in high temperature season", which mainly focused on "safety precautions in high temperature operation and accident cases sharing in storage tank area".

  The training company organized middle and senior management personnel, field management personnel of various departments, operating personnel, operating personnel of storage tank area and relevant personnel of external operations to participate in the training.

  The first half of the training is as follows:

  1. Sharing of high temperature accident cases;

  2. The way the human body dissipates heat;

  3. Causes, classification and manifestations of heat stroke;

  4. 8 kinds of people who are prone to heat stroke;

  5. Protective measures for high-temperature operation;

  6. Methods to prevent heat stroke;

  7. First aid methods and wrong practices in first aid for occupational heat stroke;

  8. Four taboos of eating after heat stroke.

  In the second half of the training, the accident cases in the storage tank areas of all industries were Shared and lessons learned. Accident cases can be divided into oil storage tanks, liquefied gas storage tanks, water tanks, etc., and safety accidents occur under various circumstances. According to each accident, we understand the process of the accident together, tell the cause of the accident analysis, and put forward the improvement measures and enlightenment to the company.



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